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Patio Heaters

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Shop the Best Patio Heaters in the Charlotte Area

Discover the Best Patio Heater Collection at Plaza Appliance Mart

Warmth, ambiance, and style: this is what our collection of patio heaters promises to deliver. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner under the stars or looking to extend the comfort of your outdoor space into the chillier seasons, you deserve the best outdoor heater to elevate your experience.

Why Choose a LYNX Patio Heater?

At the forefront of our selection is the LYNX brand, a name synonymous with top-tier performance, sleek design, and longevity. When you opt for a LYNX patio heater, you're not just choosing an outdoor accessory; you're investing in quality, innovation, and an unmatched outdoor experience.

Find Your Perfect Match

  • Versatility: Our diverse range caters to every outdoor setup. Whether you have a spacious backyard, a cozy patio, or a bustling outdoor cafe, there's a patio heater here that's just right for you.
  • Safety First: All our patio heaters, especially our best-selling LYNX models, come with safety features ensuring peace of mind as you enjoy your outdoor spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: We understand the importance of sustainability. Our collection boasts models that are not only energy efficient but also kinder to the environment.

Why Plaza Appliance Mart?

Experience and expertise define us. When you're searching for the best patio heater, you need a name you can trust. Our team is dedicated to guiding you, answering your queries, and ensuring that your choice in an outdoor heater not only matches but exceeds your expectations. We also have financing options to ensure your patio heater solution fits within your budget.

The Outdoor Heater Revolution

Gone are the days when chilly nights meant retreating indoors. With our curated selection, you can enjoy every moment outdoors, basking in the warm embrace of the best outdoor heater on the market.

FAQ About Patio Heaters

What is a patio heater? A patio heater, often known as an outdoor heater, is a device that generates radiant heat to warm outdoor spaces, making them comfortable during colder months or evenings.

How do patio heaters work? Patio heaters typically use propane, natural gas, or electricity to produce heat. They radiate warmth in a circular pattern around the device, ensuring even heat distribution in the desired area.

Are patio heaters safe? Yes, when used according to manufacturer guidelines, patio heaters are safe. Most modern heaters come equipped with safety features like anti-tilt switches and flame failure devices. However, always ensure there's adequate ventilation, especially for gas-powered heaters.

How do I choose the best patio heater for my space? When selecting the best patio heater, consider your space size, the heat source you prefer (propane, natural gas, or electric), and any specific features you need, such as adjustable heat settings or safety mechanisms. Brands like LYNX offer top-tier performance and safety features.

Can I use my patio heater under a covered patio or deck? It depends on the heater model and the amount of clearance the manufacturer recommends. Always refer to the user manual before using a patio heater in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces.

How do I maintain my patio heater? Regularly check for any wear and tear, especially on hoses and connections for gas-powered heaters. Clean the reflector and burner regularly to remove debris and ensure even heat distribution. Store in a dry place when not in use, and consider using a cover for added protection.

Are electric patio heaters as effective as propane or natural gas heaters? Electric patio heaters are efficient and provide consistent heat. While they may not offer the same high-heat output as some propane or natural gas models, they are eco-friendly, often more compact, and don't require refueling.

How long does a propane tank last in a patio heater? On average, a 20-pound propane tank can provide up to 10 hours of heat, depending on the heater's BTU rating and the heat setting used.

What's the difference between a patio heater and a fire pit? While both provide outdoor warmth, a patio heater uses propane, natural gas, or electricity to radiate heat, whereas a fire pit uses wood or gas to create an open flame. Patio heaters generally provide more consistent and widespread heat than fire pits.

Can I use my patio heater indoors? No. Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use only. Using them indoors poses a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, especially for gas-powered models.