Meet the Staff at Plaza Appliance Mart

Robert W Erwin III

Robert W. Erwin III

Operations Manager

I joined Plaza Appliance Mart in May of 1999 in sales at our Monroe Road location. In September 1999 I was promoted to store Manager to our Huntersville location until April 2008 when I was promoted to Merchandising Manager and several years back became Operations Manager. Plaza Appliance is a family owned business and the key word to that is Family, I value all my co-workers and together we make a reliable and strong team!



I started working for Plaza Appliance in 1988 as Receptionist at the Concord location, while in high school and college. In 1992, I was moved to the Monroe Road location as Office Assistant and I have been the Office Manager since 2009. Plaza is a great family-owned business to work for.

Jim Runyon

Jim Runyon

Store Manager Pineville

After seven years in management for an appliance store in a chain that was sold; I had two brief employment stints with large chain stores.

The emphasis was more about selling warranties than product. I came to Plaza Appliance Mart in 1993. Bill Pleasants, Sr hired me even though he had just added another salesperson the previous week. Within a couple of years, I became manager of our South Blvd Location in Charlotte when the mgr transferred to our Contract Sales Department. We relocated to Pineville in 2001 and sales have doubled since that time.

Plaza, being a smaller, local dealer as opposed to a big box store, offers more personal service and is more attentive to an individual's needs. We would not be here if it weren't for our customers. I have been truly blessed over my career here and am grateful for the opportunity to serve others.

Lee Veazey

Lee Veazey

I have worked for large corporations and "big box" retailers. Then I found Plaza appliance mart. It feels good to work for a company that cares as much for their employees as they do their customers. This is a locally owned family business and it shows in the way they treat their employees and customers.

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

I started at Plaza in 2013 as a assistant warehouse manager. I was looking for a new career with a family friendly business. Plaza really cares for the 100% satisfaction of there customers . I am excited to see what the future holds at Plaza because when your here your family.

Mariaito M Montero Jr.

Marianito M Montero Jr.

Store Manager Matthews

Greetings. My name is Marianito M Montero Jr. I have been working in the Sales & Service Industry for over 30 years. The majority of those years I was involved in every aspect of Appliance Retail Sales & Management. I accepted a Sales Position with Plaza Appliance Mart nine months ago and recently promoted as a Store Manager a few weeks ago. I truly believe that working for Plaza Appliance Mart enables me to utilize my past experiences and certain skill set to the best of my ability. Plaza Appliance Mart's Logo "What you can't get anywhere else" in my opinion, refers to our talented experienced sales team that I'm privileged to be part of.

Tami Taylor

Tami Taylor

I have been in sales for many years. I came to Plaza Appliance Mart this past summer new to the appliance business. Everyone here has been so helpful and welcoming. I truly enjoy coming to work each day. Plaza Appliance Mart is a family owned business and they really do treat their customers and employees as family.

Jeff Hearrell

Jeff Hearrell

Store Manager - Monroe Location

After years of running major bog box stores I tried of seeing the companies take and take from employees and yet demand more and more productivity out of them. I saw them result to what amounts to treacherous practices to get rid of employees so that they would not have to pay unemployment benefits, which goes against my Christian beliefs.

When I interviewed with Plaza Appliance the main theme of our discussion was that we are family and we are looking for people who are wanting to be part of our family for the long run. I also have watched our company do things for their customers that no other company would do.

Finally, it make me feel good to know that the money that come into our company stays right here in the Carolina's instead of going elsewhere to fatten some overpaid executives wallet as he treats his employees as nothing more that a business expense.



Having come from a small town I have always worked for a small dealer. Coming to work for Plaza Appliance has been the best move I have every made. This is more then just a job it's a group of people who become part of your family. It's a place where you can learn a trade help others and be appreciated for what you do. Nothing is better then a "Thank you" whether it comes from a customer or employer. For me this is the best place to work.

Donald Meekins

Donald Meekins

Store Manager - Huntersville

It still seems like yesterday when I was asked " Are you looking for a job or a career? We are looking for people were this will be there last job". A major "WoW" factor for me and 10 years later I'm still here as a team member of a successful small business.


Curtis Anderson

Sales Consultant - Pineville

I have been with Plaza Appliance Mart for a little over 10 years. I came to work here from a big box store after 7 years of service. Where in my opinion… The Customer is treated… as a Number.

My time here has been one of a great learning experience. Working at a Local Retailer (Plaza Appliance) has taught me the values of community & strengthening our local economy, not to mention the knowledge, training, and support that our Sales Consultants receive from training meetings and vendor support. All of this translates into a Great Customer Service Experience for Our Customers! I have had a wonderful time working here at Plaza and I look forward to many more years of providing our customers with great customer service and appliance solutions to help in their everyday lives!


Alex Haymaker

Unsure of what to do next on my career path, I was presented with an opportunity in sales at Plaza Appliance Mart. Not only has this been a positive experience for me, it has also given me a sense of direction and fulfillment. I am grateful that I took advantage at the opportune time.


Will Pleasants

I chose to come home from school after a disappointing first semester of college at Methodist University. I was not sure what I wanted to do after that. I soon decided to come back to my hometown where I feel most comfortable. I decided to begin working for Plaza in the warehouse. Soon after, I was then given an opportunity to undergo my sales career. I am finding fulfillment and satisfaction within myself through serving others whether in sales or life in general.

Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson

My name is Jimmy Johnson. I was born May 28, 1949 in Charlotte, NC. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. I have been with Plaza Appliances for 11 years. Over the years, I have learned learned a lot about different types of appliances, and how to tailor them to customers' specific needs. I have also learned a lot about providing customer service that far exceeds the industry norm. I have enjoyed working with so many true professionals in a very customer centric company.


Kenneth Buckles

Warehouse Manager: Joined Plaza Appliance November 2004

When I came to Plaza I was looking for a home, A place I could go to work and become part of an already successful team.

A place I could be employed long term. A small company, that does big business, with a family feeling!

It didn't take long for me realize that Plaza is the right place me.


Judy Maynard

I have been shopping for appliances at Plaza Appliance Mart for the many years I have lived in Charlotte and began working for the company as a part-time office assistant in January of 2007. I began to work full-time as purchasing agent and assistant to the owner in January of 2009. I am proud to be working for a family-owned company that has been in business for 68 years and treats each customer with such personal care and respect.

Rick Furr

Rick Furr

I have worked for Plaza Appliance Mart for 30 years.

My first appliance job was at Circuit City in 1982. I discovered that I enjoyed selling and interacting with customers, over the years I have had many repeat customers with whom I have been on first name basis.

I have won many sales awards over the last 30 years.

I enjoy working for Plaza, a family owned and oriented business that has been in Charlotte area for over 67 years.


John Wynne

I began my career at Plaza Appliance and TV in 1978 when I moved from San Antonio, TX.

Where I began to work for my father, John H Wynne who was the appliance installer at that time. My father retired 2 years later. I continued to work for Plaza for 23 years. I left plaza for a time to pursue work with box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. I returned to Plaza in 2015 to, began again installing for Plaza. I thank Plaza to have me back, I plan to continue with them until my retirement.


Donna Murphy

Hi my name is Donna Murphy and I have been with Plaza Appliance Mart for over five years. I enjoy my job and the mind set of working for a locally owned and operated company. Unfortunately I have experienced working in a big box store. The mind set is totally different. While working for a big box store I was unable to totally show true customer serivice. I was told to rush the customers in and out and not give them the quality time that I felt that they deserved. Here at Plaza Appliance Mart it is all about customer service and making sure that they are taken care of. I feel like I can establish a relationship with my customers so that they truly feel like they are appreciated. We pride ourselves on making sure that they are taken care of after the sale also. Our company is all about quality and not quantity.. This is why I feel like my home is here at Plaza where I can truly be myself and it shines through. I take pride in treating my customers like they are family and not just a number and Plaza does too. Not many locally owned and operated stores can truly say that they are still going strong after 67 years.


Rick Holt

Contract Sales Manager

I have worked here for 37 years. Everyone here is like a family member. We always assist each other in all things we do. Plaza always makes sure its customers are happy---making my job easy. I like meeting new people and making new friends. Management is always willing to help solve any issues that may come our way.